Saygin GmbH


We are proud and delighted in Saygin GmbH to look back with our highly valued customers at long story of success. With your support and trust we have successfully managed our company from 1986 till now with a Strict quality policy to develop our self’s and products according to new needs and innovations to reach the highest levels of quality.

Having transformed into an integrated meat processor in 2003, Saygin GmbH moved into its own 3500m2 to increase production and quality.
In light of positive market response, after analyzing the markets situation and needs, our company was able to raise its production volumes and increase its market share accordingly.
With the theory of being its own biggest competitor, our company, which always keeps an eye on the market, has to constantly continued developing its production, personnel, vehicle fleet, professional corporate structure and client portfolio.
Among others, the German institute for quality, DLG, has made a contribution to our company’s positive development.

In a competition which announced in 2007, in which we participated with 6 products, Saygin GmbH earned the opportunity to show the high quality of its products to all European countries by winning 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals.
Our production plan is constructed completely to European standards according to EC directives, like its modern vehicle fleet, cutting-edge production facilities, optimally trained personnel, a product range of 13 different kebab types, prepared meats and meat products, ready-sliced and portioned kebab types, and its professional business culture.

Saygin Döner production-GmbH consists of five main divisions;
company management, production, storing, logistics and service.

The company is headed by directors Ali Çalışkan, Nail Aldirak and Hüseyin Çakır, and targets directly your satisfaction therefore our customers are our decision makers, that’s why we look always after your opinions and suggestions to fulfill your needs.
In Saygin GmbH, we admit that without your daily support, we couldn’t reach our current big place in the market as one of the big and lead Döner production companies.

Thanks for your trust and support and we promise that we will be always there for you.